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EsoterikKnowledge can not be annihilated! It is possible to exterminate information carriers: to destroy texts, inscriptions on the stone, finally to cut all the keepers, but knowledge itself will survive despite everything. It remains in the field, and any privy can use it. What is most important is that this privy would be tied to none of egregors.

Keeper of Knowledge (teacher G.A. Sidorova)

A person, who receives information from other subtle plane worlds (for example, from unembodied teachers of mankind, or the memory of the planetary spirit) and transmits it to words and expressions clear for other people, is a contactee. The process itself is called "channeling" (from the English word "channel"). "Channel" means a person who performs "channeling".

Currently, there is a lot of such information - and the sphere of its application inevitably grows because anyone can become the "channel". Here it should be noted that the information received from the contactee is falsified when it is converted into words and the more he is spiritually developed, the clearer the "channel" becomes and the less interference there are at transmission! Therefore, the same information that was obtained from two different people can be interpreted differently.

How can you determine the authenticity and usefulness of the information? "Listen" to your heart. If you feel comfortable and harmoniouswhile reading, this is a good sign. So, you have made the right choice.